1. Pray – Commit to pray daily

-For every person that is currently a victim enslaved today that God will intervene in their situation, that they will be delivered and for their salvation.

-For the salvation of trafficking survivors and their families; that they will be made whole again physically, spiritually and emotionally. For their safety and possible reintegration back into their families and communities.

-For everyone involved in the fight against sex trafficking, for protection for them and their families and for strength, courage, wisdom and salvation if they’re not saved. For God to provide the resources they need.

-For the traffickers and the buyers, that they would be convicted, repent and get saved.

-For every business involved in this to go out of business.

-For men to take a stand against this and be protectors of women and children. (see sharedhope.org Defenders USA)

-For the laws in our state and nation to be changed to punish traffickers and buyers and to protect children.

-For God to raise up shelters and homes for survivors.

2. Educate yourself – Schedule an awareness program from the Value of One, or go to sharedhope.org or polarisproject.org.

3. Make others aware of what is happening – Tell your community: A child cannot be a prostitute! Shared Hope International can provide you with materials so you could host your own awareness event, or if you would like for us to do a presentation please contact us.

4. Write your legislators – Inform them that victims of child sex trafficking exist in every state, including New Jersey. Ask your legislators to commit to providing safe shelters and homes for victims and to support legislation that increases penalties for traffickers, and for buyers of commercial sex with juveniles.

5. Report Suspected Trafficking – If you suspect someone is a victim of child sex trafficking, that person needs your help!

If someone is in immediate danger. Call 911.

Otherwise call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Hotline or report a tip to the cybertipline.

If you are a survivor, please contact us. We can refer you to a survivor’s support network. We are praying for you!

Sex Trafficking is modern day slavery. Let’s follow the example of William Wilberforce (abolitionist in the 1800’s) and stand up and speak for those who cannot, and do what we can to abolish this horrific crime and to help free and restore the victims.

If you would like to be kept advised of any upcoming events, if you would like us to do a presentation for your school or group, or you would like more information about domestic minor sex trafficking, please contact us at (732) 341-5005 or email info@valueofone.org.